Savage Eberron

Wedding Day

Far, Barrakas 19 998 YK

Sar, Barrakas 20 998 YK

  • Breakfast
  • Deal with the Pirate Captains
  • Interrogation of Reksen
  • Failed Search for [Vampire's Sister]
  • Crew Swap with pirate captains

Mol Barrakas 22 998 YK

  • Traveling to the fief 

Zor Barraks 25 998 YK

  • Arrival at the fief
  • Catching up on events
  • Meeting Saren Volaar the duur'kala
  • Travel to Rhukaan Draal
  • Slave Market
  • Met by Tariic and his honor guard and escorted to Lhesh Haruuc's fortress
  • Discussion with Lhesh Haruuc and Vonne d'Deneith


Returned to Tidewater Rock
Zor, Barrakas 11 998 YK
Left Dragon Ruins
Mol, Barrakas 8 998 YK
Entered Dragon Ruins
Far, Nymm 19 998 YK
Selling the second ship
Sul, Dravago 28 998 YK
Selling the first ship
Wir, Dravago 10 998 YK
Campaign Start Date / Day of Mourning Rememberance
Sar, Olarune 20 998 YK
In the Beginning
Sar, Olarune 20 994 YK

The characters encountered agents of the Order of the Emerald Claw and witnessed the Day of Mourning from a few hundred yards away from the Cyrian border.


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